Pieria Guide – https://www.pieriaguide.gr is the best Tourist and Business Guide of the Prefecture of Pieria. The purpose of the Pieria Guide is primarily to help the visitor quickly and easily find places of accommodation, food and entertainment in the Prefecture of Pieria.

We have been able to include in this online guide the main activities that the visitor can make in the Prefecture of Pieria. We also constantly enrich the guide with new points of interest and suggestions for excursions and fun according to the promptings and experiences of visitors and local people. At the same time, we continuously register new businesses for accommodation, dining, shopping and entertainment so that the visitor can choose from a variety of evaluated proposals.

The intelligent search engine we have developed offers the visitor multiple options to quickly find the closest options based on the criteria he has set. By using his smart mobile device and turning on the GPS, the visitor can instantly see which registered businesses and points of interest are in close proximity. He can also see on the map his exact location, the locations of nearby businesses as well as take instructions on the shortest route to follow in order to reach the desired destination. At the same time, the visitors can find all the necessary information (phone, address, website, social media profile) to communicate with the business they are interested in, as well as view photos or videos of the business or point of interest they want to visit.

The Pieria Guide was created to change the way on how to and find any useful information and destination in the Prefecture of Pieria. For more information on the Pieria Guide please contact us at info@pieriaguide.gr