The largest beach in Olympus Riviera is located on the beach of Katerini – Paralia Katerini and the Olympic Coast. Several kilometers of sandy beach with a blue flag, shallow sea with sandy bottom and countless choices at beach bar, cafe, organized beach but also several places where you can freely set up your own umbrella and enjoy your swim.


Starting from the North side of Katerini’s Beach, we will meet a large (both long and wide) organized beach full of beach bars next to each other that offer anything you can ask for a pleasant relaxment and swimming. Sports activities in the sand, beach volleyball and beach soccer fields, rackets, water sports but also live music, happenings and famous DJs make a summer rhythm and accompany you to your coffee or drink.


The beach becomes smaller, approaching the center where we will meet again beach bar, cafe as well as dozens of hotels built in front of the sea. In the center of the area, whose large part in the afternoon and evening hours becomes a pedestrian, could be found anything passes through your mind. Hotels, rooms to let, tourist offices, restaurants, taverns, fast food, cafes, pubs, bars, clubs, rich shopping market, as well as tourist shops, electronic games, supermarkets, bakeries, grocery stores, etc.


The cosmopolitan beach of Katerini has countless choices of accommodation and entertainment for the visitor and is really immersed by tourists from different countries from spring to autumn months. Regarding your stay in the area, there are rooms to let and hotels that will surely meet your requirements and needs, whatever they may be. You will find quite affordable accommodation solutions, but even five star luxury hotels that will surely not disappoint you.


As for your entertainment in the area, it is certain that you will be completely satisfied, as it offers a plethora of choices. At Katerini Beach – Paralia Katerini you will find truly countless choices for your nightlife, as the beach bar and clubs are open until the early hours. Also in the area you will find sports facilities, such as basketball, football and tennis courts, playgrounds, kart, water slides and much more. In addition, there are travel agencies on the Paralia Katerini which will offer you a plethora of one-day excursions to Thessaloniki, the archaeological site of Dion, Vergina, Meteora and other famous and interesting nearby destinations. Of course, there are also car and boat rental companies to organize your daily excursions. Finally, from the harbor of Paralia Katerini, boats start daily to Platamonas so that you can practically visit a one-day excursion to see almost all the coasts of the area.


On the south side of Paralia Katerini, right after the harbor and the Katerini Nautical Club, we will meet again a huge sandy beach, which is linked to a pedestrian and cycle path with the Olympic Coast (the second largest tourist resort in Katerini). In this part of the beach we can still find pleny beach bars, but at the same time there are many points that are not organized and you can use your own equipment.


Paralia Katerini Beach is a great choice both for family vacations and for young people who want to have fun time with low budget in the summer. It certainly will not disappoint you.

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