Olympus Riviera is undoubtedly a favorite destination for both Greeks and foreigners, as it combines mountain and sea. Whether you choose Olympus Riviera, Pieria for your winter or summer holidays or a one day excursion, you will definitely be excited, as it offers you a wealth of choices that will surely not disappoint anyone. Below you will find some favorite destinations in Pieria from both locals and visitors as well as access and contact information:

1. Dion Museum – Archaeological park

The Dion Archaeological Museum was built in 1983 and you can meet the finds of the excavations of the wider region of Dion. It is located in the modern settlement of Dion, a short distance from the entrance of the archaeological park. One of the most important exhibits of the Museum is Hydraylis, one of the oldest known musical instruments. It dates back to the 1st century BC. and is the oldest of its kind that has been found so far.



2. Olympus Festival

At the beginning of the Muses festivities in 1972, the Olympus Festival was transformed through its course in time into a modern cultural institution that counts thousands of friends and appreciates the aesthetics and completeness of the cultural proposals it presents every summer. In its many years of presence in the artistic events of Northern Greece, the Festival has to remember moments of great and prestigious, Greek and international artists, brilliant and unforgettable.


3. Olympus – Litochoro Village

Olympos, the tallest mountain in Greece and the residence of the twelve gods in antiquity, is the first area for which a special protection regime was applied in 1983 with its declaration as National Park. The flora and fauna of Olympus is quite special and you can meet unique plants. At the foot of Mount Olympus, Litochoro is a beautiful village from which one can begin its excursions to the mountain in the direction of one of its shelters.



4. Platamonas Castle

At the southeastern end of Pieria, under Mount Olympus, the castle of Platamonas, built at a strategic control point of the passage from Thessaly to Macedonia, dominates. The visitor can not miss it, since its size is such that it will surely notice it in his passage from the old National Road. Many consider it as a trademark of the Prefecture of Pieria, so if you find yourself in the area its worth visiting. The castle is in a short distance from the small town of Platamonas, on a rocky hill with a unique view both on the shores of Platamonas and Panteleimonas.



5. Old Panteleimonas Village

The old Panteleimonas is a picturesque traditional village at the foot of Olympus, on the south side of Pieria, built at an altitude of about 700m. The settlement has retained its architecture, with cobbled streets and stone houses. The view is enchanting and it should be noted that in recent years the settlement has a particular tourist development.



6. Elatochori Village and Elatchori Ski Resort

Elatohori, a mountainous village in Pieria, is built at the foot of the Pieria Mountains at an altitude of about eight hundred meters, with a population of about 500 inhabitants. Situated in a special position overlooking Mount Olympus and the plain of Katerini (28 km away), as well as the Thermaikos Gulf and Thessaloniki, it is an easily accessible destination for relaxation. Elatochori is basically divided into the Old Elatochori (the old settlement), and the newest settlement, which is a bit lower in altitude.


The Elatochori Ski Center is located on the northeastern side of the Pieria Mountains, at “Papa Chorafi”, at an altitude of 1450m. It enjoys a privileged location with spectacular views of Olympus and Aliakmonas. It is only 8 km from the picturesque village of Elatochori, 36 km from Katerini, 474 km from Athens, 105 km from Thessaloniki and 120 km from Larissa.



7. Ancient Pydna

Ancient Pyda is one of the most historic monuments of Pieria, as there have been great events in history. Those who have visited the archaeological site of Pydna immediately realize, that this is an amazing place with a rich historical background. Specifically, the remains of the castle and the Byzantine bishopric of Kιtros are preserved in the archaeological site.



8. Ancient Leivithra

The ancient Leivithra, known in the ancient tradition, mainly from the Orphic myth, are at the foot of Upper Olympus mountain, today’s Kanalia, where the Upper and Lower Olympus converge with successive aspects. The Acropolis of Leivithra is surrounded by three torrents that form the common bed of Ziliana, ancient Sys. The risky choice of location seems to be the cause of the destruction of the acropolis, but it is also the cause of the unique beauty of the natural environment. An environment that could have fed the myths about ancient elves and Orpheus. The ancient Leveithra were destroyed by an earthquake and were abandoned because floods followed the torrents of Mount Olympus, which undermined the acropolis, much of which collapsed in the ditches.



9. The Park of Katerini

The park of Katerini is an area of ​​about 50 acres with lush vegetation, lakes, housed animals, playgrounds very close to the city center and is definitely an ideal destination for relaxation for both locals and visitors.



10. Wineries of Olympus Riviera, Pieria

In the Prefecture of Pieria, at the foot of Olympus, you can meet today more than ten local producers of fine and award-winning wines. Vineyards grown today in the various areas are over 2,000 acres. It is worth noting that the viticulture in Pieria has flourished in the past but the producers have been actively involved since 2000.


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