The relationship Athanasios Terzis family wine begins with the arrival of refugees from Eastern Rumelia in 1926 in Aiginio Pieria. There, the first vineyard was set up to ensure the wine of the whole year, Terzis Winery.


Two generations later, the tradition was reborn and the land re-emerged with the re-implantation of the old vineyard. In 1984, therefore, the old vineyard of grandfather Thanasis “rose” from his own generation, who used it with the holy obligation to cultivate the land of the vineyards. He obligated to ensure that the fruit of the vine ripen properly to transform the grape into wine following the instructions of Nature. Since then History has gone its way. The production grew, the vineyards expanded and the company was organized by setting up the organic winery under the name “Winery Terzi”. At our winery, the grape journey takes place, protects and promotes.

A journey that begins with the harvest of the fruit. The land separates its fruit, which is left in our hands to be transformed with care and passion into the divine gift of Dionysus, the wine. Controlled and suitable stable temperature space is the ideal environment for fermenting and maturing wine. This “live” process is monitored daily and upon completion the wine is bottled. Being in a bottle, it goes to the cellar (aging room) where it will remain in order to take extra quality.

From the traditional harvest of fruits from the refugee hands of 1930, we have reached our winery today to produce 20 acres of land per year, 5,000 bottles of fine eco-wine and 500 liters of tsipouro, faithfully following the endless cycle “Earth-Amelia-Grape -Wine”. And with the weapon the passion for the good wine and the love for Nature we will continue …

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Source: Terzis Wine FB page

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