For years, Winery Mythiko Vouno has been successful in the production of Greek wines of exceptional quality, based in the village Litochoro. The operation of our winerrie began many years ago with the vision of highlighting and promoting the special characteristics of the region’s wines. Today, in an effort to revive the vineyards of their grandparents, Sakis Grammatosis and his two sons, Yannis – graduate of Bordeaux oenology – and Panagiotis – a student in the Chemistry Department of AUTH continue to share their love and knowledge for the good Greek wine, with the whole world.


The history of the vineyard Mythiko Vouno began many years ago when the Grammatosis family decided to highlight the special characteristics of the region’s wines. It is worth mentioning that Litochoro is the place that gave birth to Greek mythology and Greek wine!



The product range of the winerrie consists of many different wine labels, which are the results of a particular winemaking, which is carried out in perfectly controlled conditions to ensure their quality. In particular, in our vineyard we cultivate Greek varieties such as Malagousia, Asyrtiko, Xinomavro, Agorigitico, Ftelia, as well as international such as Chardonnay, Syrah, Cabarnet, Sauvignon and Merlot.



Find the wines bearing the signature Mythiko Vouno from our vineyards located in the magnificent Litochoro and let their tastes travel you unique and amaze your palate deliciously!



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