Easter in Olympus Riviera, Pieria hides many surprises for both young and old. Various events take place in various regions throughout the Prefecture, reviving customs and traditions. Pieria offers guests unique choices for all seasons. So, Easter, whether you choose the mountain or the sea for your stay, the distances are relatively small and you can watch various events and customs.


In various regions of the Prefecture, on Good Friday, the Epitaphs of all the churches are accompanied by a choir. Epitaphs are usually decorated with flowers by women, which often create truly elegant artworks. In fact, there is a meeting of the Epitaph of the Churches in a certain place where an informal competition takes place either for the most beautiful and larger Epitaph (Litohoro with a meeting point at the bazaar place), or for which Epitaph will rise higher than the other men who keep him (Kitros, with the meeting point in the local community center).


Every year, in Agios Ioannis Pierias, on the second day of Easter, the traditional “Avgomachia” is organized by the Pontic Cultural Association “Argos” in collaboration with the Cultural Organization of the Municipality of Katerini. The custom has its roots in the Pontus and symbolizes the Resurrection of the Lord and the conflict of good with evil. The celebration takes place in the square of the village where young and old have gathered twenty eggs in a row and start the game. Winner is the one who will remain in the game even with an egg. The celebration gathers many people from different regions and has always been a great success.


The custom of all the settlements of mountain Pieria on Tuesday Easter, which is preserved in Ritini, Moschopotamos, Lagorachi and other villages in the area is “Burning the Wool”. The custom starts with women dancing folk dancing (two rows of crossed hands) and singing songs of the feast. The older woman walks with the wool, spinning with wool. At some point, the rocket gets fire and is followed by chase and dissolution of the dance. The custom has its roots in the Ottoman domination and in a trick, as it is said, of the women, in order to save the men who had captured by the Turks.

Besides the above options, the visitor to Olympus Riviera, Pieria can combine his stay with a plethora of activities and attractions. The castle of Platamonas, the Litohoro Maritime Museum, the museum of Dion, the ancient Livithra, the ski resort of Elatohori, the traditional settlement of Paleo Panteleimonas, the wineries of Pieria, the shelters of Olympus, a walk along the coast of Pieria are only a few options that the visitor can choose.


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